I am 12 years old. I have an opinion on a lot of things! I love pickles and lego's. I'm learning to cook as well!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bullying kills!

First let me say that last year in my school there was a 7th grader who killed himself because he was being bullied, I think that his home life was also a problem. This kid hung himself last year, no one in my school talks about it but I think we can learn from it. We should all talk about it all the time, bullying kills that was proof!

Right now a kid is trying to bully me, we'll call him "bully alpha" or "BA" for short. BA has been threatening me, saying do you want to die, how should I kill you, do you want me to kill your parents (and when I said NO, he said, well at least I asked), he calls me a bunch of names on a regular basis too. He threatened me with a pen and rubberband and aimed it at my face, just yesterday he grabbed me by the shirt and tried choking me.

He has been like this since 5th grade. He says that we won't let him be friends with us, and I tried to explain in a meeting with the principal last year, that basically we didn't want to be friends if he was going to be mean and obnoxious, but if he was acting normal, then we could all be friends, we gave him more than enough chances, but he kept being really mean.

I guess his parents say make up excuses and they are saying that he is the one being picked on by everyone in the school even the teachers, his Dad's great grandfather has Korean in him and they say that everyone is racist against him, but the thing is that we have a lot of really really actual looking asians and I don't think BA looks any different than anyone else. I think they are making up excuses for him and it will just give him an excuse to be mean to kids, they are practically giving him a license to bully!!

My mom called his Dad 2 months ago, and he had her on the phone for 2 hours talking about how this was a racial conspiracy, (lets call bonjour america!!) BA called and left a message on my answering machine that said "dear pickles, i'm sorry that I called you a fatass, fat lard, fag and loser, and i'm sorry I said I would kill you, from BA" I thought it was very lame and I was picturing his Dad making him do it, after that he told me to keep my mouth shut or else. I continued to tell on him and I'm not really afraid of him, he doesn't really scare me, and the way I see it, he won't get his hands on a gun anytime soon, I could be wrong and maybe I should be more afraid.

The reason, mainly I tell on him, is because I don't want him to do it to other kids, I have the power of knowledge that other kids don't have. One of my friends, i'll call him soy milk, he used to be friends with BA, but he drove him away, he was very lets say territorial about soy milk. Once soy milk and I had plans for him to come over after school and spend the night, and BA put his fist into my face and said "uninvite soy milk, or I'll kill you" I did not care, and i just told him soy milk wanted to come over and to leave us alone, he then called my house 14 times. That is the night my mom called his Dad.

I think that in the case of BA, he should be sent to a different school, with a fresh start. I think kids who bully need help. I think that the schools should have a program where when a bully was reported, they immediately had to go into counseling and work on their problems because after all, bully's grow up and continue to bully alot of the times.

We decided that first we went to the parents, then the school (the school will try to deal with it in their way) and next if he says or threatens me anymore, we will go to the police. I don't think he will do anything, but probably the kids that went to school in columbine did not think those 2 kids would do what they did either!

I also think the family of the boy who killed himself should come in and have a meeting with the whole school and tell them how bully's really killed their son!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A view of nature by pickles

Hello fans and fellow nature lovers, have any of you ever had baby squirrels talk to you? It is a very odd. They squeek like dog toys. The mother gets very mad at you and her own kids, but mostly her kids. She barks like a mad dog.

Guess what, if you thought that wild birds only landed on people's hands in the movies then you're wrong, if you stand very still then they just land for a rest. They might try to bite, but it doesn't hurt. They are just looking for seeds!!

So if you ever pass through a forest listen to the squirrels chirp, build a dam in a creek and try to get a bird to land on your finger. And if there are any maple trees, take a taste of the maple water, from the tap, not the bucket though!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Child labor laws

I have to ask all of you something,why are there child labor laws? I will tell you, there are child labor laws because kids need to be kids. Kids in other countries waste there whole lives working for peanuts!!

If there were not any labor laws then some parents or people would even make their kids work as well as them. All the work the kids would do and all the money they would make would probably be spent on a big screen TV that the kids would not even get to watch.If any of you reader are kids then think very carefuly next time you say that you want a job.

I am not saying I know for a fact that any of you readers would do that,but there are some mean and greedy people in the world. People that are so mean and greedy that they would sell their own mother to the highest bidder.

I, being a kid do not want to live in a world where all the kids are forced to work. I think that people that do that should be condemned!

Saturday, April 08, 2006


When most people see something made of legos they think a kid made it. Well let me tell you something, legos are for adults too. Thomas is the best lego builder I have ever met. He built a 4 story castle.

If a kid makes something out of wood and an adult makes something out of legos people will most likely say that the adult made the thing out wood, and the kid made the thing out of legos. Things are not always what they may seem!

If some of you adults start to feel older than time, then playing like a kid or with a kid will make you feel like a kid again.

If you don't have legos then you can climb a tree or swing on a swing. You could also go on a teeter-totter.

When was the last time you played with legos or even just played like a kid at all?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

My French experience!

I have never known anyone French before, until last year. Last year (one and a half years ago) my mom met Thomas. At first I wasn't sure about this guy, after my step dad, I wasn't to sure about moms taste in men, I was wrong and for the first time in my life I was glad to be wrong.

Thomas is the best adult friend I have. Once my mom called to check up on me to see if I was doing my homework and Thomas and I were playing legos all day,the best part was that it was his idea to play. He helps me with projects for school and for fun. He teaches me life lessons, responsibility and trust, he does it in a way that makes sense to me. Sometimes his lectures are really long, but they just make sense!

The other French man I know is the man from Bonjour America. He is so funny. I have always heard that the french are very stuck up and mean. I have also heard that they have no sense of humor. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!! The only two French men I know are the funniest people in the world that I know. THE FRENCH ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

If Kids were in charge

Think about this, what if kids were in charge of politics? We have no reason for war or taking territory. We have no reason to raise taxes and gas prices.

We have lots of ideas for more peaceful ways to solve international problems. With kids in charge there would be even less international problems.

I'm not saying to get rid of adults completely kids will need consultants and adults can give as many ideas as they want, I being a kid I just think that we can make a difference.

I would lower gas prices first and make sure that cars will run on things like milk or olive oil. I would also try to end the war in Iraq right away by finding the problem and trying to talk it through and by making allies to stand behind me all the way the same way I dealt with a kid that has a big problem with me and most of the school.

Next time a kid tries to help you with a problem listen to them closer.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

the start

Hello people my name is Pickle and this is my very first post. I would love to hear what you think when I'm done. I got interested in blogging from my mom, she made the a frog hoped into my life blogg.

I'm the one that got pranked. The string wasn't the worst, they also put a raisin in a my toothpaste and said it was a bug.

Do any readers out there like pickles?. I love pickles, my screen name even has the word pickle in it. If you like pickles tell me what kind.

Do any of you like to cook? I love to cook when I can. I started to like cooking after I saw the movie Eddy's million dollar cookoff. It was a very good movie, it was about a kid that loves baseball but he also finds out that he loves to cook. If you do cook, send me some recipe's. I promise to try them.